Start-ups, marketing, training and projects

Originating from the west of Ireland, I’ve been dabbling with Internet stuff since 1997, with languages since 1993 and have run a handful of start-ups and businesses over the years. Some of these have gone relatively well, and others less well. The ambition is to take the learnings from both and apply to projects now for myself, my students and my clients. At the moment I run workshops and courses for clients in online and business strategy, consult in traffic, data, communications and online business for organisations, and run active side-projects as sandboxes for learning – two of these sandboxes at the moment are Digitalus Publicus and

What is on this website

This blog is a gathering spot for projects and ideas and describes some of the things I’ve done over the years. Though not as active as it could be due to project and client commitments, hopefully it still offers some value to the reader.

Of course, if you’d like to comment on anything at all or make contact please feel free.
You can mail me at chrismort (at), call on 0046 708 509962 or ping at chris_mortimer on Twitter.

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