Here are a list of projects in very early Beta. Please feel free to comment, criticise and contribute if you like. (taken offline right now)

A service to allow people to moo any need to the social web where it is solved rapidly by companies and socials.  I think there is a nice business model here with some interesting interactions and problems that can be solved better through a service like this. Some fine-tuning to do, but the basics are there for this one.

Feile Icarus (not active right now)

An educational festival for entrepreneurs, inventors, webheads, creatives and other bloody-minded deviants. We celebrate the role of passion, deviation and failure in realising an idea and use learnings and a framework to crowd-plan individual futures. Run a couple of years ago with great feedback.


Rowing a traditonal Irish currach from Stockholm to Ireland to raise awareness of how illegal immigrants contribute positively to 8 European countries and connecting in the Irish diaspora and community in each country to help row the boat home. Website is sketchy right now. If you want to contribute, please do :)


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