Projects which have matured somewhat.

This is a Swedish company aimed at promoting and enabling high-growth entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in Sweden, though there are international ambitions also. I was lucky enough to be one of 51 founders and thought this was an important political statement to make (entrepreneurship and innovation key to a society’s health), though the business itself is not at all political. The entire business is run brilliantly by Niclas Carlsson, a true entrepreneur, together with a dedicated core staff and there are over 400 entrepreneur members who run companies turning over 500,000 euro up to 150 million euro.  I have added it here to projects 1.5 as I only attend network meetings now and then, and hence have little impact on the direction of activities.

The first company I started together with others. I learned many hard lessons starting this, as did my partners I’m sure. Lessons learned centred around differing values, strategic approaches, team & product dynamics and, at least I believe, a lack of experience for all concerned. In any case we parted company, the name originated from my work as a language teacher (Better Business English) and we built an online system for 24-hour translations (98-99). I left in 2000 as the supply of dot bombs increased.

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