Projects which made it past the cutting room stage, and discontinued.

Language learning online

Learn a language online

A community to enable people to learn languages without thinking about it through a language learning engine. My role here was the thinking behind the engine and the business end of it. This project was run together with Christine Söderström and Johan Dahlborg. Christine was the community manager and head designer, Johan was the technical head. Learned a lot about traffic, communities, marketing and online dynamics in this one.

the layout of the board game for languages
A board game for learning languages tested in Irish schools and at companies. We needed to produce content here for first commercial packs and due to funding difficulties discontinued. The design of the board game has been the work of Christine.


Developed a model for learning languages (MELD) in the form of a workbook for students and basic MELD training for language teachers drawing on NLP, mnemonics, mind-mapping, colour-coding and bitter experience.  Sold as packages to language schools.

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