I have worked in project form since starting work in 1993 approximately. The best examples of some of the projects I have done are found here under the Projects section of the website.

There are of course many other projects I’ve also run, in particular in multilingual SEO, international marketing and producing web experiences from scratch and these I can tell more about if they are of relevance.

In general the best kind of project for me to lead is in setting the structure and strategy for a project, getting it up and running from scratch and getting the right stakeholders on board.  Then when the time is right to pass the project over to another person to continue running and execute so in summary:

Start-up projects

Strategic projects

Pilot projects

Establishment projects

If you want to grab a lunch, coffee or just chat to see if I might be able to help, just fill in the form below and I’ll make contact or ping me on Twitter at chris_mortimer.



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