Multilingual SEO and going international online

Having a passion for languages, the web and a background as a journalist and entrepreneur this is something I’ve been living and breathing for the past 10 years.

I first discovered the power of SEO from a semantic, technical and linguistic point of view in 2003 when a client asked me to localise a site for the German market, and I did. Then their search traffic stayed at zero there, despite there being huge organic search traffic on their Swedish site. This fascinated and troubled me – why the difference? And this has driven my thinking on these kinds of international SEO projects since then.

The recent addition and further development of semantic search and the integration of social channels into not just search but also other channels really push my journalist and linguist buttons and mean that the game, when it comes to international and multilingual SEO, is continuing to change and evolve. That means in short a lot more opportunities for savvy brands and services, potentially more input being needed too in terms of cash and resources, but not necessarily so… that’s why you need a savvy and experienced international marketing professional.

If you’d like to make contact please feel free.

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