Growth hacker in online business and traffic

I like making things grow – sometimes from an idea, sometimes from an already functioning business model. And as a growth hacker I like to take what’s accepted and conventional and use it, but especially to also build traffic and engagement by thinking outside the box.

Growth hacking is a mindset…

…not a subset. It’s easy for people to think I’ll just bring in someone now to make the service grow or sell more of A or B products. That works and is what is called online marketing and involves pushing or pulling in traffic from generally established channels in a measured and predictable fashion. It’s not strictly growth hacking though for me.

If you want to do growth hacking then that means looking at your business as a whole and then going even a couple of frames further outside that. Connecting in unexpected angles, partners, content or niches that make the service resilient, robust and strong enough to grow. In short, using the predictable and robust platform of ”normal marketing” and adding another couple of layers of innovation and communication that is viral and makes the entire proposition as a whole far stronger.

Want to grab a lunch, coffee or just chat to see if I might be able to help? Just fill in the form below and I’ll make contact or ping me on Twitter at chris_mortimer.

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