Copywriter, journalist and writer – English

I have worked as a freelance copywriter, writer and journalist for the past 15 years while running my other projects and businesses. And despite this I find myself tongue-tied when trying to brag about my work. Instead I list some of the work I’ve done below and am currently working on.

In the past I have translated and written pharmaceutical texts, websites, medical reports, books, fashion events, lyrics for international music artists, poetry, interpreted art installations, annual reports, investment prospectuses. The books I have translated range from a book for the valuation of high-growth enterprises for the Financial Times to more artistic works such as The way of the watercolour artist. Here also is an article from the Irish Times a couple of years ago.

Currently, to fill out the wee hours of the morning, I am working on a collection of poems and a novel entitled Hy Brasil as well as shorter writing assignments.


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