I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about LinkedIn and their, in my view, serious error in strategy. Thought I should summarise the post here and you can go to the blog for Search Integration, where we work with digital strategy, to read in more detail.

This man will be responsible for generating lower revenues for LInkedIn & lower value for their users

In summary

  • You can now multi-invite up to 50 people at a time on LinkedIn who you don’t know at all with the invite text “Because you are a person I trust, I would like you to join my network on LinkedIn”. This opens up for spammers hugely.
  • As a network of contacts becomes wider rather than deeper, expect CPCs and other ad revenues per member to decrease for LinkedIn.
  • A gap has opened up, in the long-term, for other networks to fill the quality role provided by LinkedIn as they move towards a broader, less qualified professional network.

Hope you enjoy the post! Go to Search Integration for it.

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