Think I’d better add a post here as have been far too busy in the past 10 days to do so. This one will be more of a list I think than thoughts.


We’ve had great coverage in the last while at the Connacht Tribune (no link I’m afraid), Sligo Today, Business blog at the Independent from o2 , Galway Advertiser and Mayo Advertiser and a press release from the WDC lending support to the event.

Abroad and half-foreign stuff

We’ve also had a bit of coverage from a Scottish start-up site called Startup Cafe, nice bunch of people.

And I guess a big bit of news is a first event outside Ireland, based in Stockholm. This event will be part of Digital Days, a superb initiative to gather digital events over 4 days in an open sourcey kind of way :) It should be excellent. For this event we have a great venue we’re just going to confirm in September when we meet the people holding the venue but it certainly holds to the Féile Icarus ethos of marrying creativity, art, business, digital and some form of madness to a plan for success, so delighted with that.

Numbers says the man

And for numbers coming on Friday/Saturday it’s very hard to say but is somewhere between 40 and 140, the uncertainty is due to signups in 5 channels and the difficulty in validating them. I think it’s fine for 4 weeks from the word go and the event will really be fun and will very much set the form for Féile Icarus going forward.

Also the gang at Rough Diamond have confirmed around 50 adventurey-type people so far and have about 20 musicians coming to Letterfrack for the weekend so it’s definitely going to be great craic!

Now I may have missed something but it’s also 2 in the morning so I’ll post now and make up for it tomorrow I think.

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